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Class project: Writing like Charles Dickens

Par Héritier LOSEMBE, publié le lundi 19 juin 2023 12:26 - Mis à jour le mardi 25 juillet 2023 11:05
class project, SB page 135.PNG
After reading the story adapted from Great Expectations published by Charles Dickens in 1861, 8th grade students had to imagine a modern story about a young boy facing adversity.

As said above in the summary, students had to write like Charles Dickens, following these steps: 

  • Finding a name for their hero,
  • Giving his/her age
  • Describing him/her physically
  • Writing about his/her living conditions
  • Writing about what he/she is confronted to
  • Writing an anecdocte that happened to him. 

In fact, students were invited to use their own imagination in the making. It was planned that they also record their production but we could not have time for that. So, here below is the link of the work done so far. I hope you will enjoy their productions. 


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